About Us

aboutusM & B Metal Fab. Inc. / Matt’s Welding Service is owned and managed by Matt and Ben Paderta, artisans in the trade of Metal Fabrication. We strive provide the highest quality metal fabrication services to our clients, furnishing products that exceed the expectations of our customers. Matt Paderta, President, along with brother Ben Paderta, Vice President, have an approach to consistently improve capabilities through continually upgrading their craft, machinery procurement, and education in the metal fabrication guild. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority and we  implement procedures that update clients throughout the design and fabrication process, culminating in the delivery of a superior product, on time, and on budget.

Whether it be a simple single line railing, complicated ornamental period specific to architectural ironwork, custom stainless steel fabrications, or on-site welding repairs, we guarantee our client’s satisfaction.

We are located in Lake Geneva Wisconsin and serve the local area as well as Chicago, Milwaukee, and the surrounding regions.